A Decade of Recruitment Experience in Dubai

Sales Jobs Dubai has been recruiting within the United Arab Emirates for over a decade.

With Sales Jobs Dubai, you can work in one of the most dazzling and exhilarating cities around the world, with a thriving business and international financial service sector that is growing daily. Ensuring equal parts adventure and achievement, as well as financial and personal satisfaction, a sales job in Dubai is ideal for experienced advisors as well as recent graduates looking for a career in sales.

If you have the characteristics to succeed as an independent financial advisor, you will profit from the following:

Tax-free earnings: All the income you earn in Dubai is tax-free.

Uncapped potential salary:

Working within the internationally-recognised and highly respected firms that we represent will give a significant increase to your earnings potential.

Training and personal development:

By choosing Sales Jobs Dubai you can boost your career, through ongoing training programmes we offer, giving you required skills and qualifications needed to succeed in the financial services sector.

Luxurious lifestyle:

Dubai is a desert paradise, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city whose standard of living is the envy of the world. With constant sunshine, exotic nightlife, some of the best and most luxurious shopping in the world and is celebrated as a haven for sports and leisure. With all this to enjoy, plus a safe environment and top quality schools and universities, Dubai is ideal for families.

Accessible travel:

Dubai is the air hub of the Middle East. Flights to the US, Europe, Far East and Australia are regular, frequent and highly accessible.

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